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People for a Healthy Environment

Our Mission
People for  a Healthy Environment, Inc, is a grass-roots organization dedicated to informing and inspiring fellow citizens to safeguard our air, water, soil and to maintain the health and natural beauty of our environment.

  • To nurture our environment

  • To resist ecologically unsound exploitation of natural resources

  • To bring about a substantial reduction in the use of fossil fuels

  • To raise awareness about climate change

  • To promote sustainable energy development and use

  • To foster local green economies


We are making a difference through:

  • Public Forums

  • Educational films

  • Letter writing campaigns

  • Public rallies

  • Petition drives

  • Legal action

  • Ongoing research

  • Regional alliances

  • Advocating for legislative change

  • Tracking impact of energy production



What we do today will affect our children and our grandchildren.  We can choose to continue the current exploitation of the planet which has led to the present climate of extreme weather


we can choose to act in favor of a world in which

our grand-children will want to raise their children.

We can choose to continue to explore, invent, and invest in new energy sources which are based on the needs of the masses not the enrichment of the few.

In every deliberation. we must consider the impact of our decision on the next seven generations.

Iroquois proverb

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