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PHE is happy to announce its 2022 video contest winners

The virtual awards ceremony, and the winning videos can be viewed here:

First Prize - High School   Elmira High School Chemistry Club

Teacher: Peter Manuelpillai, Science

Students: Mackenzie Brown, Collin Kane, and Emily Swartwood

First Prize - Middle School   Hornell Intermediate School Group 1

Teacher: Randi Fridmann, Art

Students: Arielle Jordan, Isabella Mullikin, Kassidy Mullikin, Chauniece Staples, and Ashtyn Sharrett

First Prize - Middle School   Hornell Intermediate School Group 2

Teacher: Randi Fridmann, Art

Students: Chriseaun Allington, Ayden Eldridge, Lexine O’Brien, Della Olejniczak, and Becca Tomlin

Second Prize - Middle School   Alternative School for Math and Science

Student: Lydia Chung

We are super excited to announce the winner of  our 2021 competition :
And the winner is...
Addison High School. A team from Michelle Buchanan's media class, made up of
Ashley Seeley, Payton Woodhouse and Tanner Smith
took home the $300 prize and certificates of recognition.
View their video here

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