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The symposium was well received. The speakers were wonderful. Here, after the fact, are brief bios, and links to the presentations, including two we didn't see.

Kate Raworth - Oxford-based maverick economist and proponent of the doughnut economy, that is one hich doesn't grow, thrives.

Judith Schwartz, journalist  and author of Cows Save the Planet; water in Plain Sight, and the Reindeer Chronicles, has traveled the world to document examples of environmental regeneration.

Watch her (abridged for time) presentation here

Jim Hassell  - Creating Livable Communities. For many years, Jim Hassell has been studying urban planning, based on the Main Street America model.  Here he presents some of his ideas for the Elmira community

Emrys Westacott, Alfred University Professor of Philosophy, author, poet and playwright talks about simplicity based on his book, The Wisdom of Frugality: Why Less Is More - More or Less



Elizabeth Whitehouse, a self-proclaimed Luddite , will speak about the overwhelming role that technology plays in our lives at the expense of The Arts, interpersonal relationships, and the damage that technology has done to the environment.

Jimmie Joe Carl, an environmental engineering with degrees from Clarkson and Cornell, has worked with municipalities on water supply/treatment/storage projects, wastewater collection and treatment projects, and stormwater management projects. 

He is currently with the Chemung County  Wastewater Coalition, and talks about water management.

 Restoring Biodiversity.  The simplest solution to all environmental and ecological problems, yet the most difficult to achieve. is biodiversity.

Judith Schwartz, author of Cows Save the Planet, Water in Plain Sight and the Reindeer Chronicles, explains.


Sarah Savory is the youngest daughter of Allan Savory, a world renowned ecologist who discovered exciting new management and ecological insights. He has developed solutions based on those insights which enable us to address the cause of the world’s most pressing and increasing social, economic and environmental problems. Sarah has spent the last decade simplifying these insights in order to help anyone to understand and be able to use them in their daily lives. She has written a workbook for schools which will be published in the next few months and has developed in-person and online training materials. 

Robert Reich -     Former Secretary of Labor, educator, co-founder of Inequality Media, and author of The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It.

Zeke Pierce (he/him) is a community organizer born and raised in Elmira NY. He is a founding worker-owner of CalmUnity Farms, an equity farm cooperative farm using permaculture principles to design sustainable agriculture systems.

In one of many wonderful animated videos from the Story of Stuff Project, Annie Leonard explains what’s wrong with too much stuff, Plastic Bottles in paarticular. 


The perils of landfills.  Landfills seemed like a good idea at the time.  Yvonne Taylor of Seneca Lake Guardian, will tell us what went wrong.

And a lot more besides. 


Due to a technical glitch, Katherine Rose's wonderful Zoom talk , From Parking Lots to Paradise didn't record properly. Through urban re-greening,  Depave ,from Portland Oregon, transforms over-paved places, creating resilient community green spaces.

The information is on their website:

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